63 GW of new wind installations in 2015

According to the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC), which just released its overview of statistics from last year, China made up nearly half of the world market for wind farms last year. read more »

EWEA’s 2015 update of offshore wind in Europe

The European Wind Energy Association has produced a review of the offshore wind sector last year, but once again it is impossible to even guess at capacity factors. read more »

Returns from offshore wind: too high?

In its fifth year of operation, Germany’s first offshore wind farm, Alpha Ventus, once again surpassed expectations. The first people (besides me) now say that feed-in tariffs for offshore wind are too high, but they are calling for a switch to auctions, not lower feed-in tariffs. read more »

Canada’s huge wind year

Last week, CanWEA, the Canadian Wind Energy Association, announced impressive growth in 2015, with roughly 50 percent capacity additions – and some form of community (co-)ownership in most projects. read more »

Denmark blows past old wind record

2015 was another record year for wind power in Denmark, where turbines generated 42 percent of demand, topping the old record of 39 percent from the previous year. No other country has such a large share of wind power. read more »