German researchers study bird deaths in wind farms

It’s the largest such study ever conducted in Germany. Every 27 km, a bird was found to have died from a collision. Is that good or bad? read more »

Eggbeater wind turbine "total flop," says German newspaper

The Rheinischen Post reported that the installation of a small Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) was a total flop and removed. A guest post by Paul Gipe. read more »

World’s tallest wind turbine going up now in Germany

The hub height alone is 165 m. Add on another 65 for the blades, and the top blade tip will reach 230 m into the sky. read more »

Germany speeds up offshore wind farm installation

Sandbank, a wind farm going up off the German coast, is proceeding ahead of schedule thanks to new installation plans. At the end of May, the project was potentially 89 days ahead of schedule and could therefore be completed in 23% less time. read more »

Scotland plans 588 MW offshore wind farm

Siemens has bagged yet another gigantic contract for wind turbines. This time, it will be supplying a whopping 84 units, each with 7MW, in 2018. read more »