Innovations for higher turbine capacity factors

Towers are getting taller, controls more intelligent, and ultrasound can now be used to measure wind velocity while we wait for laser technology to become more cost-competitive. read more »

capacity factors up to 41 percent

The entire wind sector now seems to have a common goal for onshore turbines. The latest ones in the pipeline have rotor diameters of 127 to 140 meters with generators of 3.0 to 4.2 megawatts. This design will allow the turbines to start power production from lower wind velocities. read more »

Big turbines are coming

A new generation of very efficient, very large wind turbines is coming. The focus is no longer on producing the most electricity possible, but generating a smoother load. read more »

The silent wind revolution in the US continues

Today, Bernard Chabot documents the shift in wind turbines towards Class 3, with far greater capacity factors, which have risen from 22 percent in 2001 to 33 percent. read more »

What the wind tree costs

A French website has published the probable cost of the plastic tree that will generate electricity. The cost is astonishingly high. read more »