The future of wind turbines up to 2050

200-meter rotor blade diameters on 150-meter towers? Bernard Chabot says it will happen by midcentury. The result will be capacity factors 10 percentage points higher. read more »

Enercon breaks record for rotor diameter

The German manufacturer of direct-drive turbines has built a prototype of its 4.2 megawatt unit recently announced. But the important thing is not the generator size, but the 126-meter rotor. It is the first of a new platform for turbines that harvest even weaker wins. The second model to be built by the end of the year will even have 141 meters in diameter. read more »

Wind turbines ruin the view from Kaiserstuhl – not

Recently, a northern German colleague and wind expert wrote about how wind turbines ruined the view from Kaiserstuhl in southern Germany, where I live. I had never heard any such complaints, so I paid a visit to the place – and took some videos and photos of the devastation from wind turbines. read more »

How negative spot market prices affect wind power payments in Germany

Since January 1, wind farms no longer receive compensation if prices on the exchange are negative for more than six hours. Today, two guest authors from enervis explain the details. read more »

Vattenfall to build 3.6 GW of offshore wind in UK

Sweden’s Vattenfall has started plans for one of the largest offshore wind farms in the North Sea. Norfolk Vanguard and neighboring Norfolk Boreas will each have a capacity of 1.8 gigawatts. Meanwhile, a new British study hopes to get the cost of offshore wind down to 12.8 cents, which would still make this electricity a quarter more expensive than in Germany despite the better or equal conditions in the UK. read more »