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Wind power

Repower's cold turbines for Canada

Hamburg turbine manufacturer Repower has received an order for over 350 megawatts (MW) for the Canadian wind farm Rivière-du-Moulin. EDF Energies Nouvelles’s order is the largest in the history of Suzlon Repower’s fully owned subsidiary. Meanwhile, progress is being made on the debt refinancing of the financially troubled Suzlon Group.

The contract between Repower and EDF EN covers the delivery of 175 wind turbines with a 2 MW rated output. They will be installed north of Quebec, in the municipalities of Lac-Pikauba and Lac-Ministuk. The project will be constructed in two phases.The first phase is set for 2013; by December 2014, the turbines are scheduled to be put into operation. In the second phase one year later, in December 2015, the remaining 200 MW should start running.

The delivery is part of an agreement EDF EN and Suzlon’s subsidiary signed back in 2009 for 954 MW. The Province of Quebec requires at least 60 percent domestic content for the projects for feed-in tariff eligibility. Repower spokesperson Rebecca Lange explained that Repower therefore uses local suppliers for tower segments and rotor blades.

 -  In the US, the MM92 is a common sight, for example in the Goodnoe Hills wind farm. In Canada, it is increasingly being used as a cold climate turbine.
In the US, the MM92 is a common sight, for example in the Goodnoe Hills wind farm. In Canada, it is increasingly being used as a cold climate turbine.
Dennis Schwartz/REpower

As part of the agreement with EDF, three Repower wind farms have been built and have partly started producing power in the Province of Quebec, including the first phase of the planned 300 MW Lac Alfred wind farm, which was the largest contract for Repower until this new contract.

Since 2007, Repower has worked the Canadian market with its subsidiary Repower Systems Inc. Since then, the company has installed about 400 megawatts in Canada. The cold climate version of the Repower turbines are always used, because they are designed for Canadian weather conditions and can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C.

The projects give a boost to the financially struggling Suzlon Group. The Indian company recently announced the approval of its debt restructuring package by a 19 bank consortium to give Suzlon time to create a sustainable capital structure. The package includes an almost three percent reduction in interest rates. The Suzlon Group still banks on long-term synergies with Repower.

At the beginning of 2013, Suzlon announced further success in the Indian state of Gujarat. The Kutch wind farm, which began in 2005, has exceeded the 1,000 MW mark of installed capacity, making it one of the largest wind farms in India. The wind farm consists of Suzlon’s entire turbine portfolio, with machines ranging from 600 kilowatts to the newer 2.1 MW turbines. (Melanie Vogelpohl / Craig Morris / Marisa Irwin)

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