Scenario » 01.09.2014

Sixfold increase in wind power from fewer turbines?

The recent IWES study on a 100 percent supply of renewable power implicitly expects Germany to increase the share of wind power from 15 percent fewer turbines, with overall power consumption remaining basically unchanged. What would that look like? read more »

Scenarios » 29.08.2014

The affordability of 100 percent renewable power

The scenario we have described this week for a completely green power supply in Germany focuses on technical feasibility, mentioning the cost impact only in passing. Today, I share some of my thoughts about the affordability of the scenario and make a final call for questions I will post to the researchers next week. read more »

New Energiewende website online

Clean Energy Wire (CLEW) is a new project aiming to communicate the Energiewende to the world. Its first dossier went online this month. It’s about time – I have been getting a bit lonesome here fending off misreports over the past few years. But that loneliness is not over yet. read more »

Reaching independence from Russian energy deliveries

Today Hans-Josef Fell, chairman of European Energy Security Forum EuroSEF-2014, 26 September in Brussels, writes about the chance to become energy independent in Europe and what that means for us. read more »

Scenarios » 28.08.2014

Findings from 100 percent renewable power study

The study we have reviewed this week mainly highlights its findings for the grid. The discussion revolves around what is needed to maintain frequency and voltage. read more »

Policy » 27.08.2014

No boom and bust without boom

What can we do to prevent the kind of boom-and-bust cycles that we saw from feed-in tariffs in Spain and the Czech Republic? That seems to be the question behind the call for reverse auctions as a way of “reforming” renewables policy. The concerns are unfounded. read more »

Scenarios » 27.08.2014

Assumptions about power consumption for 100 percent renewable supply

What does the recent study on the technical feasibility of 100 percent green electricity in Germany assume about power consumption, including power storage? Today, we investigate – and report on a significant finding about wind power. read more »

Policy » 26.08.2014

“Reforming solar energy subsidies”

Recent paper on the situation in Australia suggests that a reverse auction might be a good way of replacing feed-in tariffs. What problem are they trying to fix? read more »

Scenarios » 26.08.2014

Underlying assumptions in 100 percent renewable power scenario

Yesterday, I presented a guide to the new visualization of an entirely green power supply. Today, we take a look at a few of the main assumptions behind the study, starting with power generation. read more »

Wind power » 25.08.2014

Vestas back in the black

The Danish wind power leader increased its sales of 13 percent year over year, moving out of the red in the process, partly because of greater profit margins from projects. It may be a sign of a healthier global wind market. read more »

Scenarios » 25.08.2014

100 percent renewable power investigated

The results of a three-year project investigating what a purely renewable power supply would look like have been published. The findings could be a roadmap for the coming years bar unforeseen technical breakthroughs. read more »

Lights out in Belgium?

Three of Belgium’s seven nuclear reactors are currently down, and the international press is waiving the power outage flag for the upcoming winter. But the concern is, as so often, a bit exaggerated; Germany has plenty of reserves for its neighbors and will be happy to step in to fill the gaps, as it did in 2012 – even though no power is traded between Belgium and Germany. read more »

Lignite » 23.08.2014

Public protests coal in Germany and Poland

Tomorrow, an eight kilometer long human chain is to be created between the German town of Kerkwitz and the Polish town of Grabice to protest coal power. Roughly 8,000 people will be needed for the connection. read more »

Photovoltaics » 22.08.2014

See-through solar?

Researchers from Michigan State University are in the news this week with new “solar windows.” It’s not yet ready to move from the lab to the market, but the bigger question is whether it should. read more »

Photovoltaics » 22.08.2014

“Market” makes German solar up to 30% more expensive

The feed-in tariffs for new photovoltaic arrays in Germany continue to drop on a monthly basis, but the recent slowdown in market growth means the monthly reduction will fall to 0.5 percent starting in September. read more »