FITs needed after grid parity Solarwatt

Comment » 17.02.2011

FITs needed after grid parity

A few weeks ago, US solar market analyst Paula Mints published an article essentially arguing that solar is about to reach an "un-incentivized future" – meaning that photovoltaics will finally no longer be policy-dependent. Don't hold your breath. read more »

The price of solar in California DPA

PV market » 20.10.2010

The price of solar in California

California's Division of Ratepayer Advocates (DRA) says that although the price of solar has plummeted in recent years, the bids for utility-scale projects in the state are paradoxically rising. read more »

EPIA calls for FITs EPIA PV Observatory Report

EPIA calls for FITs

In a policy recommendation paper, the European Photovoltaic Industry Association’s #1 key recommendation is "use feed-in tariffs." read more »

Prices of small arrays falling in Germany

According to a recent survey, the price of photovoltaic arrays up to 100 kilowatts continues to drop. read more »