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Nheolis introduces a small, quiet wind turbine

An unconventional design increases efficiency

The unusual design of the nheowind 3D 50 and nheowind 3D 100 not only increases efficiency and reduces the generators' profile, it also ensures quiet operation.

French-Chinese company Zhangzhou Nheolis Technology, a Joint-Venture between Xiamen Kehua Hengsheng and France's Nheolis – produces and distributes small and medium capacity wind generators.

The nheowind 3D 50 and nheowind 3D 100 models, launched this year, are equipped with patented three dimensional "Chistera" rotor blades and were developed for the global market. The patented technology is based on a concept designed to improve performances while significantly reducing vulnerability to failure and drastically diminishing noise levels. The low-noise designs enable the generators to be installed, not only in isolated areas, but also in urban areas.

The Nheowind models are designed specifically for wind speeds between 2.5 m/s and 36 m/s. The windmills easily withstood European storms Klaus and Xynthia. The level of sound emitted by the machines is always lower than the sound level of the wind itself, which makes them a perfect compliment or substitute for a photovoltaic system.

Nheolis, based in France, is specialized in the production of wind generators. The shape of these small wind turbines (SWT) was developed in the wind tunnel at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). To make wind turbines more economical and more reliable, the company uses knowledge of fluid dynamics gained in cooperation with the French aerospace laboratory ONERA. Earlier this year, the company was awarded the Gold EEP (European Environmental Press) Award.

Since the award, demand has skyrocketed. To ensure adequate production capacity, Zhangzhou Nheolis Technology opened a new manufacturing center in Fujian, China. At the French facility, the company conducts research and development on new and existing models.

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