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More community solar

Yesterday, BayWa r.e., a developer of renewables projects, announced the completion of four photovoltaic arrays with a total capacity exceeding eight megawatts owned partly by communities.

Yesterday, we reported on the completion of the largest solar array in Baden-Württemberg, which is also largely owned by local citizens. In nearby Bavaria, a developer of PV arrays has now also announced that four community-owned projects were also completed by the end of April to be eligible for that month's feed-in tariffs.

The average system size is thus just over two megawatts. One of the projects went up just outside of the northern German town of Rostock from across two hectares of a former concrete production plant. According to the press release (in German), the local community will also benefit from a land lease for this project.

Indeed, the firm has been doing business all across the country. The other three plants went up in southern Germany near Lake Constance, Swabia, and Lower (northern) Bavaria. Shares in the projects were sold starting at 500 euros to citizens in nearby communities.

Each of these projects shows that citizen involvement in photovoltaics is not limited to homeowners. Indeed, these projects could be considered "utility-scale", but they are not owned by utilities, nor were they developed by them. And at 500 euros a share, you do not even need a lot of money to get involved. (Craig Morris)

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  1. heinbloed - 24.05.2013, 11:50 Uhr (Report comment)

    " Energiegenossenschaften " (engl.: 'energy cooperatives') in Germany have 80,000 members:

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