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Wind power

Largest offshore wind barge under construction

The UK's Seajacks International has joined forces with Samsung Heavy Industries of Korea to construct what will allegedly be the world's largest jack-up barge.

 - A composite illustration of what the new Jack-up barge will look like in the sea alongside the turbines it installs.
A composite illustration of what the new Jack-up barge will look like in the sea alongside the turbines it installs.
Seajacks International

Called Seajacks Scylla, the barge is being built specifically for Round 3 of tenders for offshore wind farms in Scottish territorial waters, but the vessel can also be used in other Western European markets. Seajacks has an option for two additional vessels.

The firm recently successfully installed 80 monopiles on schedule at Germany's Meerwind offshore wind farms, where construction began in August 2012 (see this entry at the German Wikipedia). In total, Seajacks says it has installed more than 830 megawatts of turbines. Though based in the UK, Marubeni – the largest independent power provider in Japan – took over the firm in 2012.

Jack-up barges essentially have posts that ram themselves into the seabed, creating an offshore platform that rests stably in the water above the waves. Cranes on the vessel are then used to install the actual foundations, tower, and wind turbine. In the case of Scylla, the "legs" are 105 meters long and can reach the seabed at a depth of up to 60 meters.

The Republic of South Korea has specialized in shipbuilding. Although Germany also has a large shipbuilding industry and is expanding into the offshore wind sector itself, the Koreans are fierce competitors in this market segment. (Craig Morris)

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2 Comments on "Largest offshore wind barge under construction "

  1. Ahmed Aldakan - 23.06.2013, 19:33 Uhr (Report comment)

    With the Believe in GOD The Creator of all matters, humans will be lead to Many Innovative discoveries & development to make human life on Our MOTHER PLANET EARTH much easier & Heavenly-Like. Utilizing Natural Resources to produce Clean Energy & Electricity is The Way to GO!!!. And Reaching those Goals through Science & Experiments is the Path to Success & Achievements. Congratulation on your Innovation & Efforts Move Forward. We Hope The Human Race will Penifit from these Technologies & I hope that Human in My Country will benefit from it, too.

  2. James Wimberley - 12.06.2013, 19:15 Uhr (Report comment)

    Samsung, not Samson.

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