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Energy transition

German power exports up by 62 percent

The figures for the first half of 2013 show that Germany exported 15.4 TWh net, with the Netherlands being the biggest buyer ahead of France in second place. Germany imported most of its power from the Czech Republic.

Based on statistics collated by Entso-E, researchers at the FfE research Institute in Munich have calculated that Germany increased its net power exports by 62 percent year over year in the first half of 2013 – and last year was already a record year, with net exports reaching 22.5 TWh.

Over at Fraunhofer ISE, Bruno Burger has yet to update his excellent PDF on the German power sector for the month of June, but his slide 7 shows that the "export surplus" in the first five months was around 19 TWh, an indication that Germany became a net importer in June. Such a reversal would not be completely unexpected. As his slide 19 shows, Germany was a net exporter in the first four months of the year but slipped into the red in the month of May.

The phenomenon is easy to explain. Germany tends to export electricity at times of high demand and import at times of low demand, when prices are lowest. Because Germany has sufficient generating capacity (even after the sudden nuclear shutdown of 2011), power imports and exports are based mainly on price, not on any need to prevent blackouts.

The situation is different in France, which does not have generating capacity sufficient to meet its peak demand and therefore imports at times of high demand, largely from Germany. In return, its nuclear plants do not like to ramp down, so it exports a lot of power at low prices (partly to Germany, but also to Switzerland and Italy) at times of low demand.

The Dutch are becoming strategically reliant on power imports from Germany partly because offset power from gas turbines frees up natural gas, which can then be sold at high prices on European markets. (Craig Morris)

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9 Comments on "German power exports up by 62 percent "

  1. heinbloed - 10.07.2013, 21:43 Uhr (Report comment)

    About the gas extraction in the Netherlands (and necessary electricity imports):
    " The last tremor, registering 3.0 on the Richter scale, hit the nearby village of Garrelsweer late on Tuesday night and rocked a dyke holding back the North Sea - fuelling fears that gas extraction could lead to major earthquake disaster in Holland. "
    Source is last week's Telegraph:
    Once these dijks break the gas pumps will be flooded as well, end of pumping. Installing exploitation stations/ gas pumps on shaky ground is a risk no exploiter will knowingly take

  2. heinbloed - 10.07.2013, 21:24 Uhr (Report comment)

    @ jmdesp :
    The dutch are importers of gas. They export as well.
    The production of gas was slowed down several times in the past, so far they became net-importers.
    The Groningen gasfield
    " One of the world’s largest gasfields."
    NAM= Nederlandse Ardolie maatschapij (a camuflaged descent of Shell)
    was kept idle for a while, producing only on a snail's gear. Since tremendous damage is caused by it:
    In short:
    The oil Mafia (Shell to hell) is bleeding out the Dutch Nation. Only last winter the gas production was ramped up again by 16 %, this has caused a lot of damage again. Check the search engine, it's full with reports.
    If one of the worlds largest gas fields has to close down this jear or next year ( at any time when a court decides so) the Netherlands will end up in a permanent recession, they have little for sale. All agriculture products are heavily subsidised with cheap gas, all chemistry, all metallurgical industry. Direct or indirectly. Like the Arabien countries there is little to export, their economy depending on imports and trade:
    When Groningen gas field was idled in the past ( to prevent earth quakes, flooding due to breakage of dijks) they were net importers.
    From the first link:
    " The small fields currently account for approx. 30% of annual production the Groningen field accounts for approx. 70%. "
    And this they will become again on a permanent base.
    The Mafia declares that the wealth of the Dutch nation depends on this 1 gas field. A Nigerian situation. Looking at the facts they either will sink parts of the Nation for good or turn to a more modest life style. With RE becoming cheaper (thanks to foreign electricity imports from Germany and Norway) and LNG from Belgium's international LNG harbour (big enough to supply all Western Europe with gas ) they can technically do so. But it will cost something.

  3. jmdesp - 10.07.2013, 16:45 Uhr (Report comment)

    @heinbloed : According to the EIA data http://www.eia.gov/countries/country-data.cfm?fips=NL#ng , gas production and exportation in Nederland are stable, even though the reserves are going down, but still little real need to import for now.
    @Craig : Whilst it's historically true that Germany would export at times of high demand, this is not what explain most of the exceptional exports of the start of this year. They are very correlated with high renewable production either wind or solar as well as an increase in the fossil installed capacity (together with low demand) that allowed to never import in the first three month. An analysis of data shows since the start of this year German prices have been lower than average every time there was large wind and solar production. The last point is that as shown by the Fraunhofer report, somehow this has changed since the end of April, exports are now there only when solar is strongly producing.
    France exports at low price to Switzerland in the night, but also most of the time at good prices to England and to Italy.

  4. heinbloed - 08.07.2013, 00:31 Uhr (Report comment)

    Europol about the Mafia selling below price/merit order 'green energy':
    Those who are not looking could be blind.

  5. heinbloed - 08.07.2013, 00:26 Uhr (Report comment)

    And more about the Mafia selling coal generated electricity from Czechia to Germany:


    refering to:


  6. heinbloed - 08.07.2013, 00:14 Uhr (Report comment)

    Concerning the Czech Republik (again):
    The coal mafia is dead. No more " Kohle fuer Kohle ", keine Schwarzgelder:

  7. heinbloed - 08.07.2013, 00:02 Uhr (Report comment)

    " The Dutch are becoming strategically reliant on power imports from Germany partly because offset power from gas turbines frees up natural gas, which can then be sold at high prices on European markets. "
    The Dutch gas users are more and more depending on gas IMPORTS.
    A little known fact but only recently officially confirmed here in a law case of Dutch citizens versus Uniegas, dealt with at the the Dutch Ministry for economical issues, agriculture and innovation (protesting against a gas pipeline in front of their houses) two weeks ago :
    see under 4.1 the last sentence
    " Door de toenemende behoefte aan geimporteerd gas, de verdere internationalisering van de gasmarkt en de opkomst van vloeibaar aardgas neemt de behoefte aan binnenlandse en grensoverschrijdende transportcapaciteit volgens de Kamerbrief toe. "
    'The Dutch' have become dependend on gas usage, so far that they can't let go anymore. Well, according to the energy mafia that is ....
    So it is of national importance to build the gas pipelines, to have access to the import market. So the Dutch Gasunie was arguing at the " Afdeling bestuursrechtspraak van de Raad van State "
    ( the pipeline won't be build, so the decision. So far)
    Every kWh of electricity they import will help to keep the vegetables/the marihuana growing, the ligths being kept on.
    The land is sinking, the dijks are lowering thanks to gas exploitation. And the sea level is rising on the other side. A last dance on deck, the press/brass band still playing ....

  8. heinbloed - 08.07.2013, 23:32 Uhr (Report comment)

    " Germany imported most of its power from the Czech Republic. "
    Yes. But the Czech Republik is running out of coal, Germany is already exporting lignite to the Czechia Republik fueling the power plants:

    I don't know how much these coal exports are influencing the Czechian electricity market. Certainly some power plants would have to close without them. In 2014 the largest lignite/coal mine in Czechia will close down since it will be exploited, empty. With consequences on the German power import - export market.

  9. heinbloed - 06.07.2013, 03:55 Uhr (Report comment)

    Yes, they are generating more and more electricity for export. Without the RE - politics the costs for the cables abroad would have to be covered by the grid owners, usually the big 4 generators. But with the RE - politics the costs of increasing grid capacity are put onto the shoulders of the households. They are paying with their money the electricity supremacy of the large generators.
    The profits are for the anonymous investors.
    More and more generators in the suposed-to-be energy-poor South of Germany are being closed for good:


    In English:


    But the grid is still being extended. With the money of the RE-obligation which householders have to pay.
    These profiteering monopolists even managed to legalize batteries and accumulators for bicycle illumination, just to get rid of their electricity and to increase household electricity demand :)


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