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Carbon emissions

Did CO2 emissions from German power sector drop in 2013?

Power production from brown coal and hard coal rose last year, But consumption of brown coal was actually down – more power was made from less coal. Throw in the steep drop in natural gas consumption for power production, and it begins to look like carbon emissions from the power sector might be down. Since we, strangely, don't have any official estimates yet, our Thomas Gerke investigated further.

Yesterday, we discussed the difference between primary and final energy – between lumps of coal and power from those lumps. The news this month has mainly revolved around the uptick in German coal power in 2013, with the assumption being that carbon emissions therefore must have also risen.

The problem is that the slew of reports this month about the official figures from the AGEB are still based on the statistics published in mid-December. Apparently, the journalists had one eye on their Christmas vacation when the organization presented its statistics in the week before the holidays, and now that they are back to work, the "news" is being presented as a recent finding. But a source with contacts to the AGEB confirms that, indeed, the organization has not released any information since its press release three weeks ago – the one we reported on at the time.

Unfortunately, the AGEB does not provide any estimates for carbon emissions from the power sector in its report, merely indicating that overall carbon emissions from energy consumption (not just power) are probably up, but mainly due to the long heating season.

My colleague Thomas Gerke looked into the matter further. First, the official figures for primary energy consumption:

Thomas Gerke

From this data, Gerke calculated CO2 emissions:

Thomas Gerke

Note that we are talking not about percentages in the second chart, but millions of tons of CO2 emissions. More electricity from brown coal was produced last year, but less brown coal was consumed in the process to make that electricity, so carbon emissions from brown coal consumption should be down, not up. Likewise, consumption of natural gas in the power sector was also down, as was also the case for oil, which is marginal in the power sector anyway. The only primary energy source whose consumption increased was hard coal.

According to Gerke’s calculation, CO2 emissions from the power sector are likely to be down ever so slightly by 1.0 million tons. Given that the power sector was estimated to have emitted 317 million tons last year, this decrease is a mere 0.3 percent – but, if it is confirmed, it is a breach with the narrative that Germany's energy transition is raising carbon emissions.

Keep in mind, as the following chart shows, that renewable power would be offsetting more coal power were it not for Germany's neighbors (primarily the Netherlands and France), who have made the Germans the biggest power exporters on the continent. If Germany were an island, this coal would not have been consumed.

Thoms Gerke

No one else has yet calculated such an outcome. Even Berlin-based think tank Agora Energiewende estimated a few days after publication of the AGEB's preliminary figures for 2013 that CO2 emissions from power production rose by around two tons (see slide 14 in German). As Gerke put it when submitting his chart, "We might fail epically with this calculation."

Or we might be right. And anyway, Thomas and I are just a couple of guys reverse-calculating carbon emissions based on the German Environmental Agency's method described in this PDF. It's really up to the AGEB to publish the official estimate. One wonders why they have not gotten around to it – perhaps they were as surprised at the findings as we are and need some time to recalculate emissions from primary energy consumption rather than final energy consumption. (Craig Morris)

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15 Comments on "Did CO2 emissions from German power sector drop in 2013? "

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  8. heinbloed - 17.01.2014, 00:24 Uhr (Report comment)

    @ James Wimberley:
    The Dutch electricity consumers are now dependant on German electricity:


    The cable from Norway is used already to it's full capacity most of the time.
    Another major quake and the gasfield might close down for good.

  9. heinbloed - 14.01.2014, 01:16 Uhr (Report comment)

    Something to dig for the specialists:
    The EIA (USA) makes a similar claim. The coal consumption by the powersector is up in 2013 compared to 2012 and the CO2 emissions as well:
    Whilest searching for detailed data on the EIA home page there seems to be no data for november and december 2013 available.
    And the existing data shows an oposite trend: maybe more power production from coal but not more coal combustion.
    There were 20% less coal power plants (!) operating in october 2013 compared to 2012:
    Propably the least efficient had been closed.
    Whilest net generation was up 0.4% in october 2013 the coal consumption was down by 0.2%:
    The november and december trend is propably a similar one: more power generated but less coal consumed.
    There is a YTD source here:
    showing an upward trend in coal power production and as well in coal consumption.
    But no data for the total of 2013, propably to early ?
    Quarterly total coal production data is shown here:

  10. heinbloed - 12.01.2014, 21:21 Uhr (Report comment)

    @ James Wimberley:
    Today people from Groningen protested at the gas pumps in Groningen, they're losing their homes and their homeland after all. Most jobs in ALDEL (the aluminia smelter which used the gas indirectly) are gone anyhow.


    When Mr Lanting - the action leader who managed to get into the terrain - was going to be arrested he did get away on his bicycle but the police chasing him was faster. They have bicycles too but with multiple gears and are much younger.
    He was arrested, freed and up the bicycel again to another pump:
    Tougher tan tough.

  11. heinbloed - 10.01.2014, 22:09 Uhr (Report comment)

    Well, for the Dutch there is no other choice for "German coal is displacing other people's gas, which is not a plus for the climate ", their gasfield in Groningen has the output decreased by 50% in the last 6 or 8 month. By court order, the thing is collapsing causing earthquakes and endangering the dijks.
    Putting up windgenerators in this area they should have thought before, now no insurer would insure them anymore. And the property owners see no future in further investments.

  12. James Wimberley - 10.01.2014, 20:30 Uhr (Report comment)

    The carbon emissions from exported electricity are a worry. "Carbon dumping"? Renewables have (as this blog has documented) driven German wholesale electricty prices through the floor. Since coal power stations are designed for the quaint market concept of "baseload", their marginal cost of keeping running when there's no domestic demand is very low. German coal is displacing other people's gas, which is not a plus for the climate.

  13. heinbloed - 09.01.2014, 14:48 Uhr (Report comment)

    Well done both of you!

  14. heinbloed - 09.01.2014, 14:25 Uhr (Report comment)

    Well done both of you!

  15. heinbloed - 09.01.2014, 14:15 Uhr (Report comment)

    Well done both of you!

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