Can biomass close the mobility gap? Foto: AUDI AG

Can biomass close the mobility gap?

Electric vehicles may soon be commonplace on roads, but what do we do about airplanes and shipping? German researchers say a combination of biomass and hydrogen from the electrolysis of renewable electricity could increase fuel production sixfold. read more »

Burnfair: sustainable biomass for aviation Foto: Lufthansa

Liquid biofuels » 17.12.2013

Burnfair: sustainable biomass for aviation

Airlines plan to reduce their carbon emissions. Germany's Lufthansa is therefore coordinating the Burnfair project, whose goal is to study two promising biofuels for aviation. Arne Gröngröft of Germany's Biomass Research Center, which helped coordinate the project, spoke with Renewables International. read more »

First EU study on potential of straw as biomass source KWS SAAT AG

Bioenergy » 20.11.2013

First EU study on potential of straw as biomass source

German researchers say their investigation into the potential of straw -- essentially, a type of agricultural residue -- takes a look at the sustainable potential of this resource, which has not been studied before in such detail within the EU. read more »

Chinese farmers with biogas UPM

Bioenergy » 12.11.2013

Chinese farmers with biogas

In a Chinese province, a German firm is organizing the mass installation of small biogas units to provide farmers with environmentally friendly energy. Already, 40 percent of the 1 million units planned are in operation, and they have offset 300,000 tons of CO2. read more »

Biomass » 16.08.2013

A campaign for the image of biogas

Biogas is community-owned cogeneration units is booming in Germany, but it also has a bad image. Some believe it uses food that could be sent to Africa, while others say it smells bad. Now, Germany’s Fachverband Biogas is touring the country to clear up misconceptions – starting at the biogas plant in Gundremmeningen, just a stone’s throw from a giant nuclear plant. read more »

Another setback for biofuels from algae Foto: JH-Foto/

Biomass » 09.07.2013

Another setback for biofuels from algae

Biotech entrepreneur Craig Venter is looking into using algae to produce sustainable biofuels, but the project seems to have reached a dead end and is moving back to the beginning. read more »

The never-ending pellet boom Cigdem Büyüktokatli / pixelio

German Pellets » 27.06.2013

The never-ending pellet boom

German Pellets, the worldwide leader in wood pellets, has reported a doubling or even tripling of sales and profits. In 2012, group sales increased from 286 million to 519 million euros, while EBITDA jumped from 29.6 million to 39.6 million euros, and operating result quickly increased from 8 to 23.4 million euros. The company does not see an end to the rapid development in the foreseeable future. read more »

Austria looks into microalgae Fotolia/Patricia Usbeck

Biomass » 06.05.2013

Austria looks into microalgae

For more than a decade, researchers have been proposing microalgae farms on land not used for food crops, such as in deserts. Now, a group of researchers in Austria is joining the search for an industrial-scale process. read more »

Energy crops versus food crops Fotolia/Patricia Usbeck

Biomass » 23.04.2013

Energy crops versus food crops

German biofuels organization VDB conducted a survey to find out whether the current shift towards biomass is leading to competition between energy crops and food crops. The results may surprise you. read more »

Rising pellet prices DEPI

Biomass » 26.03.2013

Rising pellet prices

The price of wood pellets has risen in the first quarter of 2013 more than ever before in Germany according to the DEPV's Pellet Price Index. read more »