Global update » 23.01.2015

German offshore wind moving, US stuck

At the end of 2014, Germany crossed the one-gigawatt threshold for installed offshore wind capacity. This year, the wind sector plans to build even more. Worldwide, interest in the technology is growing, but the age-old Cape Wind project in the US has suffered another setback. read more »

Interview » 22.01.2015

“Cities will be the energy storage centers of the future”

Like so many municipal utilities, Frankfurt’s energy provider Mainova has seen the profitability of its conventional power plants vanish into thin air. Nonetheless, it remains one of the utilities that is quite profitable. CTO Peter Birkner explains what successful utilities have to do to navigate the Energiewende. read more »

Statistics » 21.01.2015

Germany's largely unsung success with efficiency

Bernard Chabot is back today with an overview of the German power sector up to 2014. Aside from the AEEE, which recently found Germany to be #1 in terms of efficiency, few have pointed out as Chabot does how greatly German economic growth has outstripped energy consumption. The country's energy intensity continues to improve. read more »

Statistics » 20.01.2015

Austria crosses two GW threshold for wind

Just a few years ago, the Austrians were hardly on the wind power map, but a law from 2012 has catapulted them into center stage. Adjusted for the size of the country, their performance in 2014 was quite impressive. But a study puts the cost of a wind farm in Austria at an unusually high level. read more »

Photovoltaics » 19.01.2015

Draft of PV auction rules leaked

On Wednesday, the German government is expected to publish the rules for the upcoming rounds of reverse auctions for photovoltaics. German climate website Klimaretter published its own overview of a recent version of the document over the weekend. read more »

Study » 16.01.2015

US could nearly quadruple share of renewables

A country report published by IRENA finds that the United States could have 27 percent renewable energy (not just electricity!) by 2030, up from 7.5 percent in 2010 – and much higher than the 10 percent it would have under business as usual. read more »

Statistics » 15.01.2015

Does Germany endanger UK power reliability?

The impact of the Energiewende apparently cannot be overstated. Add the UK, with which Germany does not have a direct power connection, to the list of countries suffering from “excess German wind and solar power.” read more »

Statistics » 14.01.2015

The silent wind power revolution in Japan

Bernard Chabot is back today with an analysis of how is "silent wind revolution" – larger swept area relative to generator size – could help Japan transition to renewables. read more »

Data » 13.01.2015

Live stats are just guesstimates

One of our readers noticed a discrepancy between the figures given at the EEX Transparency website and on Agora’s visualization. Today, we explain how the difference comes about. read more »

Photovoltaics » 12.01.2015

1.5 million solar arrays in Germany

German solar lobby group BSW has published its latest figures on the solar sector in the country, including an estimate of the market segment of battery storage. Panel prices also began to give way at the end of the year, and the global market is set to grow. read more »

Statistics » 09.01.2015

Was 2014 the turning point for the Energiewende?

In its presentation of the latest statistics for 2014, Berlin-based think tank Agora Energiewende speaks of a “turnaround.” Has Germany’s energy transition truly left behind its troubled days, or are the experts a bit too hopefully celebrating a minor uptick? read more »

The underreported change in German law

A tiny change in Germany’s Renewable Energy Act could theoretically have a great impact. It concerns the distinction between domestic power consumption and gross production including net exports. read more »

Forecasts » 07.01.2015

“Germany cannot get 0.9 percent of its electricity from wind power”

An ad in Die Zeit from 22 June 1990 posted by a German nuclear organization shows how greatly wind power was underestimated. And how nuclear never lived up to the dreams of its supporters. read more »

Kaya Identity » 07.01.2015

Main indicators for Japan, Germany, UK, and France

Bernard Chabot is back today with a comparison of the carbon emissions focusing on these four countries relative to their economic performance and population. One salient finding is that Japan's carbon emissions have continually been on the rise since the beginning of the 1970s, contrary to the trend in the other three countries. read more »

Going off-grid might mean staying on grid in Germany

An upcoming ruling may allow Germans to get around the renewable energy surcharge without going off-grid. In other news, the number of industrial firms exempt from the renewable energy surcharge was announced just before Christmas. read more »