Policy » 24.07.2014

European Commission’s energy approach takes shape

A number of announcements have been made in Brussels concerning the EU’s new energy policy. Here, we focus on the efficiency target for 2013 and approval of the amendments to Germany’s Renewable Energy Act, which take effect on August 1. read more »

Policy » 24.07.2014

Capacity markets: small is beautiful

The UK’s new capacity market has received the go-ahead from the European Commission, but a cursory look suggests that the proposal will probably create an unnecessarily large market that insures not just the profitability, but also high margins for conventional power. read more »

Carbon emissions » 23.07.2014

Per capita distribution of co2 emissions becomes more equitable

Though we remain a long way away from an even distribution of per capita carbon emissions worldwide, Bernard Chabot finds in a comparison of 1990, 2000, and 2010 that we are indeed approaching an ideal distribution. Unfortunately, we are doing so by increasing emissions. The challenge will be to merge those lines as we reduce. read more »

Policy » 22.07.2014

Brussels "steps outside its mandate"

A new paper published by Germany’s Environmental Energy Law Foundation (EELF) investigates whether European state aid rules require Germany to switch from feed-in tariffs to a bidding process. read more »

Is nuclear being squeezed out of power markets?

Wholesale prices are down in Germany, but they are even lower at the moment in neighboring countries, and the phenomenon has spread to the UK, where demand is down and production of renewable power is up. Nuclear plants in numerous countries have been switched off this month. Is there a connection? read more »

Biomass » 18.07.2014

German biogas sector slows down considerably

Germany’s new policy on renewables that takes effect on August 1 clamps down on biogas, and the effect is already being felt, according to data published last week by the German Biogas Association (Fachverband Biogas). read more »

Policy » 17.07.2014

Get this: Germany does not have generous subsidies for renewables

In an otherwise well-written and informative article on the recent decision by the EU Court of Justice on renewables policy, Energy Post repeats the unfounded notion that Germany has generous subsidies. This is wrong – and the difference matters: the German system of feed-in tariffs favors small companies and cooperatives. Now, the EU wants to kill feed-in tariffs, ostensibly because of the cost – but what’s at stake is freedom. read more »

Statistics » 16.07.2014

The unfair per capita distribution of carbon emissions

Today, Bernard Chabot presents a clear way of representing the deviation of per capita global carbon emissions from a perfectly equitable distribution. It may be the first time anyone has shown the data this way. read more »

"People were naïve about the industry"

Stuart Brannigan, Vice-President Sales and Marketing Europe and Americas of ZNShine Solar, a Chinese solar supplier, speaks about the future of solar industry in Europe. read more »

Demystifying King Coal

Today, Bernard Chabot focuses on global data for coal power to shed light on its role in the world's carbon emissions. read more »

Record streak for low power prices in Germany

In the 100 days since 1 April 2014, the wholesale power prices in Germany was below four cents on 77 days. At present, there is the longest streak of consecutive days this year. But the biggest finding is probably the far lower power prices in France. read more »

Statistics » 13.07.2014

World electricity production in 2013

Today, Bernard Chabot takes a look at Global electricity (not energy!) statistics from last year. While most advocates of renewables repeat the news that most new generation capacity – measured in kilowatts – is renewable, Chabot's charts show how far renewables have to go measured in kilowatts-hours. read more »

Bundesrat passes EEG amendments

[UPDATE] At this moment, the German house of Parliament that represents the rights of the country's 16 states is debating the Bundestag's proposed amendments to the EEG, but word has leaked that these parliamentarians will not oppose the amendments, which will now become law unchanged on August 1. read more »

Energy policy » 10.07.2014

Brussels and Berlin settle dispute until 2017

The EU’s Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia says the press was making a mountain out of a molehill and that Germany was always closer to an agreement with the Commission than reported. Apparently, he thinks German Industry Minister Sigmar Gabriel is part of the media. But at least we have clarity until 2017, when the power sector is handed back to energy corporations. read more »

Economic growth » 09.07.2014

German industry outlook: the “Golden 20s”

A new report claims that Germany is entering a sustained period of economic success for the next 15 years. The country will not, however, have a Golden 30s because of its aging population. It’s interesting to see how the Energiewende fits into those expectations. read more »