Advertising » 02.10.2014

RWE still calls Germans “crazy”

German energy giant RWE has a new TV ad out explaining its new strategic approach. The worst digressions and demonstrably untrue statements from the previous ad are now gone, but there’s still one clear problem. read more »

German aluminum firm “rescues grid twice”

Over the past 12 months, German aluminum giant Trimet has ramped down production twice on request from German grid operators. Company’s CEO says his firm rescued the grid from “collapsing,” but he also made a pretty penny in the process. read more »

Ocean energy » 30.09.2014

Wave power finally on the horizon?

The Germans have little wind and little sun, but that has not prevented them from becoming leaders in wind and solar power. Germany has even less wave power potential. But did German engineering just produce a breakthrough? read more »

Coal power » 29.09.2014

When will government agencies divest?

Renewables have largely offset power from natural gas and coal in France, and the country has lowered its carbon emissions in recent years. But a new study by WWF France shows how French organizations remain committed to dirty coal worldwide. A comparison with Germany is illustrative. read more »

Interview » 26.09.2014

“High level of great quality can be maintained with renewables”

Fraunhofer IWES recently published a study on the technical feasibility of a 100 percent supply of renewable power. Today, Sven Kirrmann of the German Renewable Energy Agency (AEE) answers some of the open questions we and our readers had. read more »

“We need all hands on deck”

The World Future Council recently produced an overview of policies for 100 percent renewables worldwide. Today, we talk with the study’s co-author Toby Couture. read more »

Controversy over EU's new energy commissioner

The new commissioner-designate Miguel Arias Cañete of Spain has drawn quite a bit of attention since his nomination. In a guest post, Fabian Flues of Friends of the Earth Europe Sheds light on the background, with some updates by NGO Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO). read more »

Case studies » 23.09.2014

What 100% local renewables looks like globally

Publications investigating a 100 percent supply of renewable energy continue to pour in. Last week, the World Future Council produced a Policy Handbook that is unique in two ways. First, it covers all energy, not just electricity. And second, it does so with a focus on cities and communities in various parts of the world. read more »

Comeback of coal » 22.09.2014

Electricity generation in the US during first half of 2014

In the first half of the year, electricity generation from non-hydro renewable energy sources in the US was up by 13 TWh, a 10% increase compared to 1H 2013. This positive development was, however, overshadowed by a 40 TWh rise in power generation from fossil fuels. The fuel switch from natural gas back to coal power continued. read more »

Power trading » 22.09.2014

German day-ahead power prices lowest since 2002

Last week, Fraunhofer ISE’s Johannes Meyer published an update of his overview of power production and spot market prices. Adjusted for inflation, prices are now lower than they have been in 12 years. read more »

Negative prices from priority for renewables

In an open letter to the European Commission published last spring, leading European economists reviewed a slew of options for future policy changes. They see increased risk everywhere. And greater risk increases the cost of capital. What's more, feed-in tariffs are not the cause of negative wholesale prices. read more »

US power generating capacity additions in first half 2014

In the first six months of 2014, wind and solar power made up the majority of power generating capacity additions in the United States, but coal and gas power still dominates the system. read more »

Energy policy » 18.09.2014

EU to approve nuclear subsidies in UK

Yesterday, Reuters reported based on unnamed sources that the strike price for a new nuclear plant at Hinkley will receive the go-ahead from the new European Commission. That’s good news for renewables policy. read more »

German PV equipment manufacturing up 39 percent in 2014

German mechanical engineering association VDMA says that German manufacturers of production lines for photovoltaics are already benefiting from the global boom – which could very well be for the long term. read more »

Carbon tax » 17.09.2014

Global warming solution staring us right in the face

Washington remains unable to do anything about climate change. Here's how to finally change that. A guest post by Charles Komanoff. read more »